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Watershed Coordination Services
  • Strategies for adaptive changes to watershed programs for progressive attainment of water quality objectives

  • Development of MOUs for joint efforts among stakeholders

  • Technical review of integrated water monitoring reports and water quality data

  • Preparation of watershed annual reports

  • Planning and leading watershed group meetings

  • Pursuit of grant funding for regional multi-benefit projects

  • Creation of targeted outreach materials for print and online distribution

Municipal Stormwater Permit Services
  • Planning and assistance in implementing stormwater control measures consistent with permit requirements

  • Technical & regulatory support in addressing pollutant-specific total maximum daily loads such as the development of implementation plans and specific implementation measures targeted at pollutants of concern

  • Revision of municipal stormwater ordinances to incorporate new permit requirements

  • Preparation of individual annual reports

  • Management of commercial facility inspection and incentive-based program development & implementation

  • Development of winning grant applications for capital improvement projects

  • Municipal staff training on stormwater permit requirements

  • Enrollment and reporting under Statewide WDR for sanitary sewer collection systems

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